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User Interfaces

A user interface is the view of a database interface that is seen by the user. User interfaces are often graphical or at least partly graphical (GUI - graphical user interface) constructed and offer tools which make the interaction with the database easier.

Form-based Interfaces This interface consist of forms which are adapted to the user. He/She can fill in all of the fields and make new entries to the database or only some of the fields to query the other ones. But some operations might be restricted by the application.
Form-based user interfaces are wide spread and are a very important means of interacting with a DBMS. They are easy to use and have the advantage that the user does not need special knowledge about database languages like SQL.
Example of a Form-based User InterfaceExample of a Form-based User Interface
Text-based Interfaces To be able to administrate the database or for other professional users there are possibilities to communicate with the DBMS directly in the query language (in code form) via a input/output window.
We will see this possibility later in the lesson Structured Query Language SQL.
Text-based interfaces are very powerful tools and allow a comprehensive interaction with a DBMS. However, the use of these is based on active knowledge of the respective database language.
Example of a Text-base User InterfaceExample of a Text-base User Interface
GIS Interface A GIS user interface often integrates features of a database interface. The database interaction takes place through the combination of different interfaces:
  • Graphical interaction via a selection on the map
  • Combination of form-based and text-based interaction (e.g. special Query-Wizards for the easier creation of database queries)
Example of a GIS Interface (GeoMedia, Intergraph)Example of a GIS Interface (GeoMedia, Intergraph)
Example of a Query-Wizard within a GISExample of a Query-Wizard within a GIS
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