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Exercise normalization

The following table is already in first normal form (1NF). There is only one entry per field. Please convert this table to the third normal form (3NF) using the techniques you learned in this Unit. Write a short report about your solution and post it in the discussion board. Check the other solutions and comment them, if necessary. If you have questions, you can also post them in the discussion board. A tutor will look at the questions regularly and give feedback and answers.

A table with the students and their grades in different topics.

UnitID StudentID Date TutorID Topic Room Grade Book TutEmail
U1 St1 23.02.03 Tut1 GMT 629 4.7 Deumlich
U2 St1 18.11.02 Tut3 GIn 631 5.1 Zehnder
U1 St4 23.02.03 Tut1 GMT 629 4.3 Deumlich
U5 St2 05.05.03 Tut3 PhF 632 4.9 Dümmlers
U4 St2 04.07.03 Tut5 AVQ 621 5.0 SwissTopo
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